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Islamic Growth Today

Population Explosion in Muslim Countries

Our world’s population grew to more than five billion in July 1986. The statistics provide evidence that the greatest increases in population have been occurring in Third World countries that are non-Christian, such as Hindu, Muslim, and Socialist countries. The belief, especially among the illiterate Muslims, is that Allah’s favor upon a family is shown by its large size. Riches are also a sign of His favor; thus, Arabs accept oil as evidence of His pleasure with them.

The children who are born in a Muslim home are automatically counted as Muslims, with no choice provided for anything else. One can deduce that this comprises the major reason for the increase in the number of Muslims in the world. Indonesia, with a population of 168 million, has more Muslims than the entire Arab world, then Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India in that order.

Oil Riches Used to Propagate Islam

The new resurgence of Islam is partially due to the billions of oil dollars reaped from the terrifying hikes in oil prices since 1973. Although the picture drastically changed in 1986, still petroleum dollars are being used to build Muslim centers in every major city in the world and every sizable city (over 500,000 population) in the Untied States. Literature, the Qur'an itself, and magazines proclaiming the praises of Islam are published and distributed daily throughout the world.

Accepting Islam for Economic Reasons

Many of the poorer countries of ;the Third World, particularly those in Africa, have denounced Israel, Christian missionaries, and the West in general in order to receive Muslim funds. With the influx of financial aid rushes in the Muslim religion and proselyting of citizens.

Non-Muslims Change Names for Employment

In Egypt alone there have been between 20,000 to 50,000 people every year for 25 years who changed their Christian names to Muslim names to gain employment in the Muslim-controlled economy. Prejudice in the predominantly Muslim countries has forced thousand of people to switch their names, if not their Christian allegiance.

A Fanatical Desire to Conquer the World

At the Battle of Tours, France, in A.D. 432, the Muslims were stopped in their tracks as their armies advanced to conquer the world. But now the is intensifying, as we heard in England in the summer of 1985: “If we can take London for Islam, we can take the world.” Their effort is militant, represented by men like Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran, military regimes like Colonel Gadhafi of Libya, and the tragic civil war in Lebanon.

According to the United States State Department’s Office of Counter-Terrorism, there were more than 800 international terrorist incidents in 1985, with 2,223 causalities in that bloody year. This was a 60 percent increase over the 1978 to 1983 early averages. Facts and figures indicate that the majority of these incidents were sponsored by fanatical Muslim groups.

Furthermore, it is believed that an extreme Muslim group, perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood, engineered the assassination of President Anwar Sadat of Egypt in 1983. Mr. Sadat, along with American President Carter and Israeli Prime Minister Begin of Israel, shared the 1978 Nobel Peace prize for their roles in the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

Nevertheless, something else must be recognized in connection with the Palestinian terrorists. I am a former Palestinian, but I cannot condone their atrocities carried out to force the world to take another look at their desperate lot. Even as this book is being prepared for the press, the whole world is sickened at the six-month-long riots, demonstrations, and bloodshed between Palestinian Arabs and Israelis on the West Bank. Tragically, over two hundred Palestinian Arabs have been killed so far. But since we have given the displaced Jews a homeland, why not the Palestinians? After all, did they not live there for centuries and know no other homeland except Palestine? Unless they are given the self-determination to choose the West Bank as their Palestine or the West Bank as a federation with Jordan, peace in the Middle East will continue to be elusive. The Libyan bombing by the United States in 1986 was merely a treatment for the symptom of the illness. We must still deal with the real problem--the Palestinian homeland.

On February 4, 1987, I was one of numerous speakers, greeters, and singers at the Annual National Prayer Breakfast held at the Washington Sheraton Hotel. Many dignitaries from the national and international scene sat with me on the huge platform. The attendance was nearly two thousand, Edwin Meese, the Treasury Secretary of the United States, spoke on terrorism. Reverend Stephen Olford spoke on “A Biblical View of Israel.” I was the only Palestinian Arab on the program.

Before Meese delivered his address, Ed McAteer, president of the Religious Roundtable, introduced me as a member of a new P.L.O. He announced P.L.O. stands for Palestinians Loving Others to a tumultuous round of applause. Greeting them first in Arabic, then interpreting, “I greet you in the name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior, and the man from my hometown of Nazareth,” I nearly brought the house down.

In a brief, two-minute speech, I shared my testimony, and how God’s love had changed my heart, attitude, and will, teaching me, through Christ, to forgive even those who were responsible for the deaths of my father, an uncle, and a cousin. Concluding, the Holy Spirit reminded me of an idea an Arab pastor from London was inspired to proclaim:

The Jews now have a place. But they have no peace. My Palestinian people someday will have a place. Yet that will not guarantee peace either. What we need is not just a place but a person, a person who declared, “If the son has made you free you are free indeed.” And in the name of the Lord Jesus, the Prince of peace, I want to say to you I love you and God bless you.

The response was electrifying, unbelievable, and very humbling. The audience and the speakers alike began to stand and applaud. out of thirty or more participants on the program, mine was the only speech which received a standing ovation. To God be the glory! They did not stand for me but for Jesus Christ--the One who changed me.

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