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   Ibrahim Al Copti
Ibrahim Al Copti Ibrahim Al Copti
: May 2005
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Ibrahim Al Copti is on a distinguished road
flower History of Jihad

How the Jihadi Mayhem began with the Jihad against the Arabs (622-634 C.E. 1-8 A.H.)

The psychological make-up of Pre-Islamic Arab society determined by the geographical environment

Arab society in the peninsula is blessed with an harsh environment. Where agriculture is non-existent, and life is at a subsistence level in a barren desert environment with extremes in climate that vary from warm to extremely hot. This has shaped the temperament of the people who are hot tempered, violent and hyper-sensitive in their sense of honor, revenge and retribution. With life an on-going struggle against the forces of nature that comprise of desert storms, a bleak and monotonous environment, devoid of natural vegetation, except in the oases, the mental make-up of Arabs has been shaped by the dictum Kill or be killed. even before Islam was founded. They worshipped innumerable gods and goddesses in addition to Allah who was one of the many gods. Among them were Allat, Alluza, Mannat who were goddesses and were looked upon as daughters of Allah along with male gods like Hubal (Baal).

For more than four millennia before Islam, polytheism had been part of the psyche of the Bedouin Arabs who inhabited the Arabian peninsula. Four thousand years before Mohammed, the ancestors of the Semitic people who came from the same ethnic stock and who lived further north in Mesopotamia had a different pantheon of gods. These Semitic people who built the Babylonian, Assyrian, (Sumerian and Akkadian) civilizations worshipped gods like Gilgamesh, Ishtar, (Goddess) Marduk, Tiamat, Adrammelech, Apsu, Enki, Ianna, Anu, Ereshkigal among others. By the time of Mohammed, worship of these gods had become extinct.

In fact when the Muslims Arabs invaded Mesopotamia (Iraq) which was then a part of the Zoroastrian Sassanid empire of Persia, the invading Muslim Arabs did not bother to destroy the ancient Mesopotamian shrines in the ruins of Nineveh where the temples to these gods were built. The reason for this was that as these ruins held neither people who could be forcibly converted to Islam, nor any wealth that the Muslims could plunder, these ancient sites did not attract the attention of the marauding Muslim Arabs in the 7th century. So unlike Ctesiphon, Jerusalem, Caesarea, etc; the ancient Mesopotamian cities which lay in ruins were spared of being vandalized by the truculent Muslim Arabs.

Nineveh was spared the fate of Ctesiphon and Caesarea which have been totally obliterated from their sites, or like Jerusalem which the Muslims co-opted in to Islam in 636 C.E. by constructing the Dome of the Rock, over the ruins of what was originally the Jewish Second Temple to god that had been destroyed by the Romans in the year 70 C.E. Another example of such co-option is Constantinople where the Hagia Sophia was converted into the Selimiye Mosque by the Muslim Turks in 1453 C.E.

Mohammed comes on the scene to lead a people made bitter by the natural environment

We are concerned here with the Bedouin Arabs who resided in the Arabian Peninsula. Here our ancestors developed civilization, but only on the coastal fringes, specially in the Southern regions that is today Yemen, and limited settled civilization around the bigger oases of Makkah and Yathrib (later renamed Medina).

Till the 7th century, we did not make any impact on global civilization, till we were united by a charismatic but sadistic and cruel leader - Mohammed (yimach shmo ve-zichro - may his name and memory be obliterated). The story of Mohammed is that of a superlative but warped genius who was born in 570 C.E. He was born posthumously to Abdallah and Amina. Mohammeds father, Abdallah died a few months after Amina was in the family way, before Mohammed was born. Mohammed ibn Abdallah translates as Mohammed son of Abdallah.

Why Mohammed chose Allah as the only deity in Islam?

Pre-Islamic Bedouin Arab society was highly matriarchal as is evident from the worship of many goddesses like Allat, Al Uzza, Mannat. But Arab society had strong patriarchal elements too, as evident in the naming tradition according to which every Arab is known by his fathers name, and not his mothers.

Having lost his father, the posthumous orphan Mohammed wanted to perpetuate his fathers memory. His fathers name Abdallah was conjugated from Abd-Allah which translates as Slave of Allah. This is the reason why Mohammed chose Allah among the many pre-Islamic Arab deities to be the only deity to be worshipped by the Muslims! Not many historians have discerned this fact why it was allah who became the centerpiece of Islam and not any other pre-Islamic Arab male deity like Bēl, Bēl-Šamīn, Abgal, Aglibol, Wadd, and Yaghūth (the last two are in fact referred to in the Qur'an (71:23) as gods of the era of the Prophet Noah).

Even Baal (alternatively known as Hubal) who in fact was the most important deity in pre-Islamic Mecca, found no place in Islam. Only Allah survived in Mohammeds Islam. So Allah did not choose Mohammed, it was the other way round. Mohammed chose Allah! Allah was chosen by Mohammed as his father was named after allah! Some historians identify Hubal and allah to be the same deity. But, to the best of our knowledge, no historians have discerned this fact why it was allah who became the centerpiece of Islam.

Mohammeds Epileptic fits were behind his hallucinations that an angel spoke to him revealing the Quran

Mohammed was a paranoid ambitious genius who combined in himself the role of a military strategist, a psychologist, motivator and commander of men. With a harsh childhood in which he lost his parents, he grew to manhood earlier in life than most kids of his age. But the hardships that accompanied his growth from childhood to adolescence made him an epileptic. His epileptic fits were to play a pivotal role in his later life an create an hallucination that some god was talking to him

There is an occurrence in Mohammeds life that is eloquent on this issue of his mental illness. Once, Mohammed and his foster brother were playing when Halima, his nurse was nursing him in the desert. Suddenly, the foster brother came running to Halima and said that Mohammed was sick. When they went out, they found a young Mohammed behind the bushes with his clothes turned up. It's possible that he was sexually assaulted; however, much later a legend was created partially by Mohammed himself that two angels in grey robe came and one split his chest open and took out the heart and removed a dark clot and then when they weighed him the whole universe weighed less than Mohammed!

The possibility that he was sexually assaulted (sodomized) in his childhood seems to have made him a bitter person and could have accentuated his mental illness, but in spite of this he showed uncanny ability to manipulate and get the results he wanted. In most probabilities, his mental illness could have been a wild form of paranoid schizophrenia.

In his later life, during his 'revelations' he groaned like a she-camel having a baby (which by the way is not a pleasant sound). He had directed his followers to cover him up with a black blanket whenever he suffered from the epileptic fits and that's why he carried this black blanket with him all the time. This narration is the kernel of historical truth that has come down through ages of Arab-Muslim folklore that grew around him.

In his early life the hardships that were bestowed on him by circumstances coupled with the misfortune of being an epileptic, made him a fiercely determined man. And he nurtured within himself a burning desire to be a leader of men. His caravan journeys that began early in his life gave him an insight into the psychological make-up of the society he lived in.

His being a member of the Quraish the ruling aristocracy of Makkah (Mecca) was his first stepping stone to leadership

His personal misfortune in this kind of a harsh environment, had made him bitter since childhood. But this personal misfortune, was set off against his being born in the clan that ruled Mecca a pilgrimage town, where all the Arab tribes came once a year in a ritual called Hajj that centered around an object of worship called the Kaaba (literally a cube).

The Kaaba is actually a meteorite which fascinated the ancient tribal Arabs who were awe-struck by its flaming rush from the skies to land at Mecca. Since that day a legend grew around it that is reflected in the various versions of the Books of Semitic peoples that are known as the Tureth or Torah (the Old Testament of the Bible), the Bible (the New Testament) and the Quran. The word Quran itself is derived from the Arabic root word Qurrah which means to collect, implying that Mohammed collected the content of the Quran from other sources, viz., the Old Testament of the Jews, the New Testament of the Christians.

To this content Mohammed added the bloodcurdling Satanic verses that call for slaying the idolaters. To give legitimacy to his Quran, Mohammed floated the fiction, that the text came from a non-existent god (allah) and so no man could change what has been given by some god. In fact the Quran is basically the same book, as the Bible, with modifications made over a period of time, first by Mohammed himself and later by Islams many adherents, after Mohammeds death.

How Mohammed shrewdly grabbed a leadership role, igniting his innate desire to be a leader of men

Mohammed being a member of the Quraish clan which was in charge of the Kaaba, belonged to a privileged clan. But he did not hold a position of distinction within the clan. The turning event of his life was in the year 610 C.E. when during a dispute within his clan about who would be in charge of the annual repairs to the Kaaba. The clan members decided that the person who at that time walks into the Kaaba first would be in charge of the repairs.

And it so happened that Mohammed came to know of this condition, and the evil genius that he was, he realized that this was his opportunity to thrust himself on a higher pedestal. Next morning when the Meccans had gathered to see who walks towards the Kabba first, came our man Mohammed walking nonchalantly towards the holiest object of the Quraish of Mecca.

Little did the Quraish realize that the person walking towards the Kaaba was not the chosen one, but one who held within him a diabolical genius who by this petty but powerful act grabbed unto himself an exalted position of being in charge of repairs to the Kaaba and paved the way himself to elevate his position in the eyes of the Meccans.

This shrewd and diabolical act of the evil genius Mohammed was to start a trail to bloodshed thru Persia, Byzantine, Egypt, North Africa, Spain, France, Balkans and of which 9/11 was the most dramatic example a trail which has not ended till today, nor will it end till Islam is brought to its full and final end.

Till that point in time, Mohammed was any other Arab, any other Bedouin, any other Quraish tribal. But from then onwards, his stature changed in the eyes of his compatriots. And most importantly, it changed in his own eyes. He began considering that he had to fulfill a mission, an extraordinary mission. His delusion was nurtured by his being an epileptic and he hallucinated that he was in direct communication with god. He began to rationalize his ideas about his personal grandeur by telling people that god had chosen him as his messenger. His claims were met with ridicule.

Mohammeds epileptic. fits now began play a pivotal role making him hallucinate that he was in communion with some god

But his innate ambition to be a leader of men, had been fuelled by his having managed to be chosen to undertake repairs to the Kaaba. An ambition, which he consciously and deliberately nurtured through his epileptic fits using which he fibbed that god had communicated through the Jibril (the Bedouin word for our angel Gabriel) and commanded him to be the leader of all men by asking for their submission. The concept of submission was so overriding, that the faith he founded was also named Submission or in Arabic Islam.

Islam is not a religion of Peace, it is a religion of Submission to the Muslims

The canard that Islam means peace, is a misconception deliberately created by Muslim-apologists to pull wool over the eyes of innocuous Westerners and other non-Muslims. While actually the word Islam comes from and Arabic term for losing oneself submitting or surrendering to the will (of Mohammed). So please, in spite of what Muslims will tell you, do not be deceived by claims that Islam means peace. Islam means submission.

The Arabic word for peace is Salam, derived from the same Hebrew word Shalom which also means peace. But Islam and Salam are two incongruous words that share no common ground either in name or in substance.

We need to know that the root word of Islam is "al-silm" which means "submission" or "surrender." It is not derived from the word Salam which means peace, as Muslims will have you believe.

The Quran states: "Oh you who believe, Come, all of you, into submission." (al-Baqara 208). The word al-silm in the Arabic original of this verse refers to Islam.

So Islam means "submission to a god" which in the Islamic context meant surrender to Mohammed as long as that murderous lustful fiend lived, and after he was poisoned to death, Islam has meant that we non-Muslims surrender to the Muslims by accepting Islam and along with Islam all of us accept their murderous attitudes, their Arabic language, their hirsute habits of growing beards, their dress code of wearing caps and turbans, long gowns and covering women in tent like Hijab, marry four ladies and have an endless number of kids, and use our heads for only one purpose - nodding it robotically while reciting that instruction Manual of Hate and terror - the Quran!

We need to realize how effortlessly we are led up the garden path by the wily Muslims, to embrace and spout their bluff that Islam is a religion of peace.

( 8: 32)


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