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How to Rip DVD Movies on Mac

Too many troubles I’ve met during the process of keeping my DVDs into my hard drive. I don’t the languages supplied and a Phd for my Mac may be needed to solve this problem. For me, an easy and direct way is need for me to comprehend. I’d like it would be okay for me to use a disc to save my videos into my hard drive so that I can play them through my iMac.

I eager to make it out, but I encounter some problems which ask for solutions to solve it with keeping the best quality and good result. Piles of DVDs of mine, including NASA, are waiting for me to rip DVD to MOV on Mac. Most movies are transferred into a master tape, which are in the size of 4x3. 1920x1080 @ 23.976 is what we are trying to while HD is not allowed to be formed of the sizes and they want to be kept as origin.

FCP is now being used to edit while MPEG Streamclip is used to rip. I’ve found some squeezed circles in some DVDs’ images which may be made by the former filmmakers with some kept while some removed. 640x480 is the defaulted number when MPEG Streamclip is producing. It keeps the images while DVDs master us. I hope to keep the images’ pixels during the production of 720x480 or 720x486, while it fails and they squeeze.

I make a connection between my Sony Betacam SP and my "Black Magic Design". I have no idea of the result. Can you tell me some suggestions? What’s more, how about connecting a DVD player with the thunderbolt?

In order to rip my DVD to MP4 for Mac OS X, I searched for a setting while it possesses two languages for choosing. However, the setting chooses the first language automatically during the ripping process while the English version is more in need. Can you tell me the way to finish as an English version? I tried DVD Ripper in order to rip a DVD for my iMac which resulted in the failure of playing it in my DVD Player. Even if the "DVD Player" program is okay to play it, my DVD player is not okay.

After the DVDs have been ripped, what you have to do is to play them. Handbrake may help you to transfer DVD to AVI, which is considered to be a common compressed format with automatic reorganization.

I have to say that a folder which contains both VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS is needed for each DVD. If your files are in this format, then your DVDs can be watched completely by keeping their full features, such as subtitles. What’s more, it allows you to turn them back into DVD that can be played by whatever DVD player.

Are you in need for a fast way to finish ripping your DVDs without paying money? Sometimes there maybe some rubbish for you to dump away, then Apple TV and iTunes are the key programs for you to keep and save your DVD discs, then you can import DVD to iTunes.

By ripping your DVDs to a Mac application such as iTunes or iMovie or some added devices and setting a plug-in for the player, you’ll get a movie library from which you’ll enjoy whenever and wherever you want. At the same time, xBox 360 makes it easier for you to rip DVDs to HDTV, as well as Apple TV.
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