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How Can I Deal with FLV and WMV Files for Mac

Some of my FLV videos are equipped with two sound streams. I’m not so happy since every time the Total Video Converter transfers my videos into the stream I’d like not. What’s worse, I don’t know how to transfer the stream by using this Converter. Are there any special converters equipped with various sound streams can be used to handle flv videos?

Do you know the way to transfer the movies in Real Player to iTunes? I often download flv videos from YouTube by using Real Player. Once upon time, I could change my download videos to iTunes, but now it cannot. Is there any problem with my Ipod’s setting? Do you have any other downloading choices to convert FLV to MOV in Mac? If you have any free and capable for transferring to iTunes, then tell me.

Now numbers of video files have occupied my space of about 500 GB since made record by Fraps. Therefore, they need to be transferred. However, it must take me too much time. Hence, I have to find out a program which has the ability to transfer all WMV clips sync. You may say that they can be done into a whole video by using Movie Maker; however, what I want is they to be separated and transferred at the same time.

Some short clips are in my hand and I’d like to make them a whole long video. I know the way to "Trim" clips, but I don’t know how to copy and paste it to connect it with other WMV clips. My clips are 3 minutes long and I try to use movie maker to connect them but unfortunately they cannot be opened. Is it necessary for me to transfer WMV to MP4 for Mac at the beginning? What kind of format should I transfer and how can I complete? How about editting them by using QT Player? Is it necessary for me to upgrade my standard version?

I want to play my videos iPhone iMovie. Can they be transferred to be played? In theory, whatever video editing program cannot be used in my computer, but iMovie is okay in my iPhone. Although it is not that perfect, it can be used to do simple edits. My WMV videos were made by DSLR. Can I transfer my videos to be compatible to play in my iPhone as well cut in iMovie? It’s a hard thing to do, so how about WMV to MOV?

I’ve made a movie of Bill Clinton’s dancing in Spooner Street. I do not need the parts except his dancing so I want to cut them. But what should I use? Is it necessary to transfer it into pictures and then cut the extra part? Can you tell me how to convert AVI to MOV on Mac by not using QuickTime by which I’ve done a video while cannot be transferred? So many times filed and it showed me problem each time I tried that I’d like to give up. I have no idea about that now. Can you tell me how?

Since my phone cannot sustain AVI files, FreeAVI converter was downloaded for transferring them into AVI files. But now I’ve found that it cannot transfer the subtitles. If it only cannot deal with the external subtitles, it can be forgiven; however, it can neither deal with the inside one.
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